Achieving Mediocrity – Surefire Strategies for a Lackluster Life

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The ebook that’s taken me my entire life to write!
(Which is sad, really, considering it’s only around 38 pages.)AchievingMediocrity_ebook_cover-02_LOW

Let’s face it: there are dozens of books out there on how to be successful. The market is flooded with them. On the other hand, there are very few (if any) on just being average.

That’s where I come in.

In my 39 years on the planet, I have been able to achieve a level of mediocrity unlike any other. Now I want to share my secrets and help you create your own lackluster life, based on all the stupid decisions I’ve made in mine.

Throughout this shockingly short and uninspiring ebook, you’ll get tips on everything from how to ignore your natural talents, to why you should never give 100 percent in anything, to the joys of procrastination…and so much more!

(Actually there’s not that much more than that. After a certain point, I just didn’t feel like writing anymore.)

For a limited time you can get Achieving Mediocrity – Surefire Strategies for a Lackluster Life for just 99¢ on Amazon (Kindle) and FREE from Smashwords in ePub format (iBooks, Kobo, Sony, and most other e-readers).

Remember, this is your life. Don’t just dream about mediocrity—achieve it!

Let me show you how.


Amazon Kindle format (99¢)

All other ereader formats (free)


  1. Well written and inspirational book Val. I’m 43 and way ahead of you with the mediocrity, so I can say with experience you are on the right track. Keep up the good work brother!

    • Thanks so much, Michael! I really appreciate it. Can’t believe you finished the WHOLE THING already. ; )

  2. Congrats on your first e-book – that’s major stuff! 😀

  3. This sounds quite amazing, just purchased!

    • Thank you so much, Leah! I really appreciate it. It’s a short ebook, but I hope you get a laugh or two from it. ; )

  4. Just purchased. Though, to be completely honest, I did for a moment consider just downloading the free version for “other e-readers.” My conscience (and general sense of sympathy for other writers) got the best of me, however and actually ponied-up the $0.99 and bought the Amazon version.

    I’m very interested to read it and see how your own techniques for perfecting mediocrity compare to those which I’ve developed myself over the last several decades of personal dullness.

    I look forward to reading it. I’m sure it will be quite… meh.

    Thanks, Valentine!

    • Thank you, Dan! I hope you get a laugh or two out of it. And thanks for contributing to a fellow starving artist. ; )

  5. Have you cornered the market for mediocrity or is there room for one more? For a while I owned the domain It was a very unsuccessful blog, as you would expect.

    • I have not, Beth. That’s the problem with mediocrity: it makes you pretty mediocre. Thanks for your comment! ; )

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